Review of Kenny’s Semifinal Performance with the Fort Worth Symphony Orchestra and Nicholas McGegan
Wayne Lee Gay, Texas Classical Review

“American Kenneth Broberg, performing the Concerto No. 25 in C, and making his first appearance in the semifinal round, gave plenty of cause to perk up tired ears on the third day of semifinal performances. Picking up on McGegan’s carefully shaped and eventful presentation of the orchestral introduction, he responded with an imaginative shaping of themes, revelation of inner voices, and an unfailing sense of momentum in each movement. His solo entry in the slow movement encapsulated his performance: the simple three-note descending broken chord absolutely drew the audience in. (In an amusing improvisational touch in the first movement, he added a bit of La Marseillaise, mimicking a rising motif from the movement, into the cadenza.) This is the sort of performance one would long to hear more often on those occasions when symphony orchestras program Mozart concertos.”